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Hyperkinetic Studios LLC is a different kind of software developing agency.

Located in Los Angeles, California, our team is a diverse collective of talented individuals that possess a passion and innovation that is unmatched. With our experience extending to both the mobile and web-based worlds, we strive to accomplish the highest level of creative work across all platforms. By unifying our comprehensive and intuitive design with our unique artistry, we work to provide users with an engaging and enlightening multi-sensory experience.

We flourish in dynamic and challenging environments. Our versatility is the driving force that inspires us to create interactive projects for:

• Apple iPhones and iPad Tablets
• Android Smartphones and Tablets
• Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE)
• Playstation 3, 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One



If you tried to contain the epic level of passion found within Hyperkinetic Studios…you couldn’t. We want to push the limits of the gaming and interactive learning industries and develop greatness. Our experienced developers, veterans in AAA game development and interactive media across console and mobile spaces, have earned us our top-tier list of clients. This shows our dedication in providing the highest-quality applications and level of engagement for our users.

We have set ourselves apart by building a world-class studio of like-minded artists and clients that share a passion and vision of the industry. Along with our competitive pricing and unending need to explore, discover, and satisfy, our reach is infinite.

At Hyperkinetic, the only option is success.








PROJECT: Epic Tavern
(Original IP)
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PROJECT: Mattel Track Builder
CLIENT: Mattel
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PROJECT: Water4Otter
CLIENT: EnviroMedia
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