NC BioNetwork Microscope


NC BioNetwork was in need of an interactive, real-world microscope simulation. This simulation would be capable of teaching students the proper ways of operating and caring for such a vital piece of laboratory equipment. BioNetwork wanted to eliminate the occurrences of common mistakes that come with inexperienced operation. The client approached us with a need to create an engaging application in which students would not only learn essential skills, but would enjoy interacting with.


To optimize the engagement factor and create an application college-level students would want to utilize, we separated the interactive into three working components: Tutorial, Free Play, and Experiment. We provided the highest learning potential by breaking these interactions into their own features. Along with other fundamental tools like a Notebook and Microscope Manual, users would be able to obtain everything they needed within this single interface—yielding efficiency and practicality.


Hyperkinetic’s developers and artists succeeded in the creation of a fully intuitive application that would encourage utilization and offer complete instruction on how to correctly operate a microscope. By employing the three-part system into the interactive, students are able to better retain the information by learning specifics from the Tutorial phase, practicing their knowledge in the Free Play phase, and implementing their new skills within the Experiment phase. We also effectively designed and incorporated multiple features, furthering the interactive capacity of the UI. Users can access a variety of slide specimens, use the notebook tool to record findings, access relevant videos, and reference the microscope manual all without leaving the application.

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